Official Campsites Identified

PRIVATE HOUSING: Click here to find information on private housing

The official campgrounds for the 2015 RAGBRAI are at Chris Larson Park along the riverfront just south of Sioux City’s downtown, and Riverside Park on the city’s west side. View the maps below for more details.

Both parks are located on the city’s bicycle trail, and are accessible via bike and automobile.

Both locations have availability for thousands of cyclists, and there will be information booths located at both parks.


Important Safety Information:

The Missouri River is a very dangerous body of water with an average of 1 person losing their life each year in the river near Sioux City.  The river is extremely fast and has several snags and places with strong undertow.  No one should ever attempt to swim in this river without a life jacket on.  Please stay clear of the river bank and the river for your safety.

The bicycle dip site is in a location with minimal current and should not pose any problem for dipping the back tire.  Please do not venture out on the dock or attempt to dip your tire at any other site other than the designated dip site.


Chris Larsen Park Campgrounds

Chris Larsen Park West 6.29.15Chris Larsen Park East 6.29.15

Riverside Park Campgrounds

Riverside Park 6.29.15
Cook Park Campgrounds

Cook Park 6.29.15

Sioux City RAGBRAI Theme: Party Like it’s 1973


Sioux City’s theme and logo have been selected for the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.

“Party Like It’s 1973” is the official Sioux City theme and will be used in numerous marketing and promotional campaigns to generate excitement and awareness about the event.

RAGBRAI is the largest and oldest bike touring event in the country. Its original tour started in Sioux City in 1973 with an estimated 300 people and with this year’s event estimated to bring 20,000 people to the Sioux City area, it’s bound to be a party.

The theme and logo were selected by Sioux City’s Publicity Committee and the logo was created and donated by JD Gordon Creative Labs.

Equipped with a banana seat bicycle, retro feel, and encompassing the fun atmosphere of RAGBRAI, this year’s logo and theme will take riders back to 1973 when songs like “Let’s Get It On” and “Crocodile Rock” topped the Billboard charts, bell bottoms were all the craze, and the film, “Jesus Christ Superstar” was born.