RAGBRAI riders to travel Hamilton to Outer Drive, then east to Leeds

SIOUX CITY, Iowa – The route bikers will take to leave Sioux City this summer has been planned for the 43rd annual RAGBRAI event (Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa™).

As the ride starts in Sioux City July 19, participants will start at the riverfront near the Hilton Garden Inn, and dip their rear tires in the Missouri River as a symbol to the start of the journey. Riders will dip their front tire in the Mississippi River when they reach the ending destination, Davenport, later in the week.

Once leaving the Missouri riverfront, bikers will head north on Hamilton Boulevard, riding all the way through town to Outer Drive on the far north side of Sioux City, where they will head east, connecting with 41st Street, and end up on Floyd Boulevard where participants will travel through Leeds, on their way to the next stop, Kingsley.

Leeds will be considered a pass-­through town on the RAGBRAI route, offering riders an opportunity to fuel up on their way to the next pass-through town.

Businesses and homeowners all over Sioux City will showcase their properties during the RAGBRAI event, but possibly few will be more visible than the locations featured along the official route out of town.

Business and homeowners are encouraged to cheer riders on Sunday morning, July 19, as they leave the Sioux City community.

Sioux City served as the starting location for RAGBRAI the first time the ride was held 43 years ago. RAGBRAI is the largest and oldest bike touring event in the country, and is expected to draw more than 20,000 overnight visitors to Sioux City.

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Scott Fraser


Hi! Just wondering if you will be offerring shuttle service from either Sioux City airport or Omaha? If so, how can I find out more regarding schedules and price? Also, is there an address to which I can ship my bike? I know sometimes in years past, some businesses were receiving bikes and putting them together for a fee. Would be happy to do that if that will take place this year. Please let me know when you have a chance. Thanks!
Scott Fraser



Hey, I love SC (my first RAGBRAI was in ’88!) and when we were there last, (2010), it was the premiere of “10,000 Spokes”, as I recall. You guys do a great job!

A suggestion. I know where the Expo is located. And, I remember where to park (I have a photo not that much different than yours, from the 3rd floor of the parking garage.) But, to a zillion newbies… where – on your site or on your maps – do you mention, or say, where they should go as they arrive, relative to the Expo? May I remind you, one-way streets are involved…?

I respectfully recommend you update your site with another map (or additional information?) about how to get to the ‘heart of things.’ Since (at least to my eye) this information isn’t present or obvious.

All the Best,

RN, Columbus, OH

Teresa Nennig


In May I filled out the housing form and sent in my $3, but have heard nothing from them. I am wondering what the status is. I am looking for a home to stay in for a single, female, 62 year old on Saturday night. Bed, sofa, airmattress would be great, as I am not traveling with a sleeping bag

Jacob Marley


So, our group has been assigned to Riverside Park. I notice that this is about 3.5 miles from the Expo and entertainment. Will there be shuttles running from the campground to town?



How about adding bike route from out laying camp grounds
Riverside park & Cook Park to dip site ?



There is a bike route connecting Riverside Park and the riverfront. It connects to the route at the dip site.



I am curious.. do you have shuttle buses set up to get to expo, church dinners, vendors, camp grounds and Huey Lewis? I didn’t see a bus route on your maps.



Is each team supposed to go to a designated campsite? If this is so, how do we find out where we are to go? WE have a rv and would like to know in advance which campground we should go to.

Jan Carroll


I will be driving my family to Ragbrai and arriving in Sioux City late Saturday afternoon. I plan to stay overnight so I can watch them take off the next morning. I was just going to sleep in my car but wasn’t sure there were designated areas where I could do this.

Please advise.



I will be coming from Des Moines will there be signs on the freeway directing how to get to the camp grounds?



Yes there will be. If you are staying at the Chris Larsen Park or Cook Park, take exit 148. If you are staying at Riverside Park, take exit 151. There will be signs directing you to campgrounds.



Are the Bike Clubs assigned specific camp areas, and if so are they listed somewhere? I am joining the BB club in Sioux City and to save frustration and confusion would like to know where they will be located.

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